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The National Audit Office report many patients receive inadequate care “Too many people with rheumatoid arthritis are not being diagnosed or treated quickly enough”.

There are 1100 deaths/MONTH following osteoporosis hip fractures in the UK .  This is unacceptable when there are effective approaches to diagnosis, treatments and prevention of osteoporosis.

Avoid having one of the 300,000 osteoporosis fractures that occur every year.  There are 3 million people in the UK with osteoporosis, 6 million with osteoarthritis and many more with other types of arthritis.

Don’t accept poor clinical care or comprise your well being when there are safe and effective modern treatments available that control your symptoms and prevent disease from progressing or reverse disease and restore function.

We provide care and training to help you become symptom-free and ultimately in drug-free remission.  We work in partnership with you and involve you in all decisions.

What patients say about our service

Based on recent patient surveys, being treated
I have my life back – am symptom free

I did not know it was possible to have treatment

97% approval rating physicians’ treatment and care.

99% satisfaction rating with attentiveness, listening and response to patient issues.

100% of patients would recommend service to friends or family in need, have no symptoms did not think it was possible to be without symptoms

What GPs think of our service

“passionate about educating people”

only have had positive feedback from patients.”

In a consultation we will discuss with you the

  1. diagnosis (possible diagnosis
  2. prognosis
  3. further investigation plan and
  4. treatment plan

If you are experiencing any pain, stiffness, swelling in your joints or muscles; fatigue please see videos, you might have inflammatory arthritis and should have urgent treatment.

For an appointment email nush@arthritiscentre.org or call 01892 741 127

ArthritisCentre is multi-professional grouping lead by Dr Taher Mahmud and was set up to improve clinical outcomes for patients with arthritic conditions.  We work in collaboration with health professionals in orthopaedics, physiotherapy, nutrition and others to ensure you receive holistic care.