Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common form of arthritis. Causes are age, injury, repetitive trauma, and genetic.

The basic abnormality in OA is wearing of the articular cartilage. The normal sponginess is amazing shock-absorbing properties. There is impaired repair, and mal-alignment of the joints compounds the problem.

You may experience intermittent pain, swelling of the bone and soft tissue, crunchy-sounds and an inability to use joint.

Tips for relieving symptoms

The diagnosis is made from the clinical symptoms and examination. This is confirmed by x-rays and sometimes blood tests and other imaging investigations.

Contrary to popular opinion, OA can be prevented by joint protection techniques. Its progression can be slowed dramatically in the same way, if the proper medications and instruction are used concurrently. The medications used to increase comfort and decrease pain are useful in adjunct physical therapy and joint protection techniques.

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