Pain and arthritis

Role of Pain

Pain and Arthritis is an important protective mechanism that the body uses to warn of possible injury/harm. We all vary in our perception of pain, and it has physical and emotional aspects. The injury leading to pain may be physical such as a cut, a broken bone or a burn, or a bodily biochemical process resulting in inflammation.

The nerve endings sense temperature and chemical changes or mechanical change/stresses. The signals are relayed via the spinal cord to the brain.

Pain sensation may also be triggered by damage or altered sensitivity of nerves. This causes the nerves to signal pain in response to something that would not normally hurt.

In some instances it is difficult to explain the exact cause of chronic pain and impossible to make it go away completely, and this can add to the distress or anxiety. This type of chronic pain can be either confined to one part of the body or felt all over the body. It could be hard to explain where the pain is coming from and may vary over time. Often pain is multi-faceted with physical injury, altered nerve sensitivity and individual psychological and physiological factors.

We often find patients politely putting up with symptoms for long periods of time, losing muscle function and unable to do all their hobbies and activities with the families. However, with safe and effective treatments, they could become symptom-free.

If your pain symptoms are interfering with your activities then you need to see your doctor and discuss different treatment options.

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